Sage 200 webinar: Increase efficiency and streamline sales

We’re hosting a webinar on Thursday 3rd August demonstrating how we can help you increase efficiency within your business and streamline your sales order processing in Sage 200.

We’ll be taking you through some of the benefits of Sales Order Plus and Data Exchange and how you can implement them to improve your use of Sage 200.

Sales Order Plus:

  • Increase sales by giving staff automated cross selling and upselling screen prompts
  • Save time because you can process orders up to 10x quicker than standard Sage 200
  • One click processing lets you process orders through to dispatch or invoice with one click
  • Barcoding allows you to set multiple barcodes against Sage 200 stock items

Data Exchange:

  • Streamline and automate by automatically importing and exporting Sage 200 data
  • Increase efficiency by cutting data entry time in half
  • Eliminate errors and safeguard accuracy by automating data transfer
  • Flexible integration allows Sage 200 integration with any third-party system

Sign up for our webinar now to find out how these solutions can benefit your business.