Tech in Ten (ish): An introduction to PowerApps and Flow

Join TSG’s Office 365 guru Tony Hughes and Senior Marketing Manager Stephen Green for Tech in Ten (ish).

Tech in Ten (ish) will look at different technologies, what they can do to add value to your business and challenge the many myths around tech.

In this episode we’ll show you how you can revolutionise business processes, be more efficient and save money. You can achieve what you’ve not been able to before with PowerApps and Flow. Both part of Office 365 and with no complex coding, they are now accessible to your business. Once you understand a bit more about how they work, you’ll start to understand how you could make significant improvements to the way your business operates.

Want a demonstration of Office 365? You got it…

  • Discover how a PowerApp can help with authorisation to recruit, expenses and enquiry logs
  • We’ll show you how you can increase productivity with Flow
  • Understand how you can share captured information

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