Tech in Ten (ish): Overview of Security in Office 365

Join TSG’s Office 365 guru Tony Hughes and Senior Marketing Manager Stephen Green for Tech in Ten (ish).

Tech in Ten (ish) will look at different technologies, what they can do to add value to your business and challenge the many myths around tech.

In this episode we’ll discuss the security within Office 365. IT security is currently such a hot topic because GDPR has made companies investigate how to follow best practice and helped them realise they need to protect their assets.

Office 365 has a GDPR-compliant security and compliance centre built in that can be accessed via the main portal. This covers much more than just users, groups and permissions.

Want a demonstration of Office 365? You got it…

  • See how you can manage the classification of documents
  • How to tackle data loss prevention and governance
  • See the GDPR privacy tools in action

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