Total Security: Protect your business from hackers, attacks and breaches

The meteoric rise of cyber-attacks like Ransomware is a stark warning to all businesses – protect your business or suffer the consequences. Cyber criminals are finding smarter and more covert ways to steal your critical business data and hold you to ransom. 

A cyber-attack can go from a possibility to a probability if you have nothing in place to protect your data.  

There are numerous elements of IT security to consider including devices, people, internet of things (IoT), infrastructure and the sharing and journey of your data. This webinar will show you the potential threats to your business and what you can do to prevent attacks and breaches.

Finding the right technologies to protect your IT environment can be a complex process, this webinar will demonstrate solutions that will secure your data and safeguard your business.

Many breaches, such as Heathrow’s data breach, stem from employees unwittingly moving sensitive data that must remain protected, we’ll show you how to stop this from happening.


  • Understanding the threat landscape
  • Presenting the journey of your data
  • The threats to your business including Ransomware, hacking, denial of service and social engineering
  • The historic approach to IT security and why this must change
  • The solutions to protect your business - from anti-Ransomware to encryption
  • Synchronised Security: Its time your security solutions started talking  

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