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Preventing downtime for Cassiltoun

Business profile

Cassiltoun Housing Association is a registered charity ran by voluntary board members. The housing association and its subsidiaries have relied on the technology recommendations and IT services provided by TSG for over 5 years.

The challenge 

With cyber-attacks, hacks and breaches hitting the headlines, Cassiltoun set out to investigate IT security options in order to safeguard its critical business data. The association aimed to ensure its network and end users were secure from malicious attacks by seeking guidance from TSG experts.

The solution 

After only two weeks of delivering Sophos Intercept X onto Cassiltoun’s network, TSG operations analysts logged onto the Sophos Central console and discovered a security breach attempt. Sophos Intercept X had identified the attack, instantly disabled the threat on the compromised machine and restored the encrypted files to their original state.

Ultimately, Intercept X saved Cassiltoun from considerable downtime, huge disruption and likely significant loss of capital. With its systems continually monitored by this innovative security software, Cassiltoun has the peace of mind that it can operate effectively with minimal disruption.

“With the increasing threats being noticed we wanted to secure our system beyond anti-virus. The attack originated from a mainstream business supplier and we were very pleased to see the security just recently put in place saved us from significant disruption and loss.”

Gamal Haddou, Finance Director, Cassiltoun Housing Association