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Our approach

Working in partnership with housing associations to unlock the value in your technologies

For years, we’ve worked with a number of housing associations to create solutions which not only address the specific challenges facing your sector, but have broad applications which allow you to get the most out of your investment.

Uncovering hidden treasures

One solution which we’re continually helping social housing providers see a demonstrable ROI from is Office 365.

Most organisations like yours have already adopted the leading productivity suite to take advantage of the latest versions of Word, Outlook, Excel and so on. What we can help you with is understanding how the lesser-known tools that come as part of Office 365 can help you streamline processes, create efficiencies and ultimately help you deliver a better service to your tenants.

We know social housing providers are constantly trying to innovate with the ultimate aim of a better tenant experience, but you’re bound by regulations which can make that challenging. But Office 365 can help you create the efficiencies that will free your staff up to focus on customer experience, while helping you comply with the Value for Money Standard.

Why work with TSG?

  • Sector-specific insights

    Our Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen Green, wrote an exclusive article for Housing Technology magazine discussing how you can reap the benefits of your Office 365 investment and the ways we’ve already helped our social housing customers do just that.

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  • Direct communication streams

    Not only do we practise what we preach by using Microsoft Teams to communicate internally, we also use it to collaborate directly with our housing association customers. Want the latest insights? Request to join to the TSG Housing Forum!

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  • Sharing insights

    We love that the social housing sector is tight-knit. All housing associations have the same strategic goals; to improve the lives of their tenants, and share knowledge. When we find something that works for one provider, we’ll share it with you too.

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  • Dedicated experts

    Our experts travel the length and breadth of the UK to visit our social housing customers. We’re on the frontline of the sector and we’re proud to have a deep understanding of your processes and challenges. Our customers tell us our people are great, too.

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Sector experts

Thanks to our work with some of the UK’s leading housing organisations, we have an unrivalled understanding of your business processes, challenges and goals. We’ll use that to implement a truly tailored solution for your organisation.

Strategic advice

We know IT and technology are essential to businesses, but they’re not necessarily your priority. Not only can we take care of your IT estate, we can offer strategic advice to ensure you’re getting the most out of your existing solutions as part of a true consultative partnership.

Our work in the social housing sector

Our long-standing partnership with some of the biggest and most well-established housing associations in the UK has delivered fantastic results.

We’re continuing to offer sector solutions and advice to housing associations of all sizes, from Plymouth to Aberdeen and everywhere in-between. We host monthly webinars dedicated to the social housing sector and attend Housing Technology ever year to share valuable insights. 

On-demand webinars

  • The modern workplace for housing associations

    This webinar centres around Microsoft Teams - a 'central hub' for communication and collaboration, available as part of the Office 365 suite. TSG's Office 365 expert, Tony Hughes, gives an introduction to the platform and how it can help housing associations to build a 'modern workplace'.

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  • Discover the art of the possible with Office 365

    The Office 365 suite is jam-packed with an ever-growing list of tools and features that, when utilised effectively, have the potential to greatly enhance the way you work - ultimately improving your organisation's productivity and efficiency. At TSG, we call these the 'hidden treasures'.

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Housing Technology Conference 2019

This year, we attended the Housing Technology event once again, and it was our most successful year yet. Find out all about our attendance at the conference including our competitions, presentation and more!

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Our results in the housing sector

Importantly, we’ve developed a number of sector-specific solutions that deliver tangible benefits.