5 reasons why you need to attend Futuretech: Digital Transformation. Now.

By now you’ll probably be familiar with TSG Futuretech</a>; our events and webinar series dedicated to bringing you the best in transformational technology that is surprisingly affordable and accessible.

We’ve had some incredible feedback on the events that we’ve been running over the course of 18 months, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting complacent or resting on our laurels. Our upcoming series will take Futuretech to the next level, showcasing transformational business application that can be deployed immediately and save you both time and money. This is Digital Transformation. Now.

So why should you attend a TSG Futuretech: Digital Transformation. Now. event near you?

1.       Digital workplaces

A new addition to TSG’s portfolio and to Futuretech, we’ll be demonstrating a technology that can bring together multiple Office 365 streams and create a truly digital workplace for your business. With no coding and the ability to bring multiple applications together into one streamlined platform, you can simplify business communications and deploy instantly. Join us at TSG Futuretech to see a live demonstration of this game-changing digital workplace.

2.       Apps you can deploy today

We all know about Office 365, but few understand the astounding value it can add to your business when used correctly, in the way that TSG does. PowerApps allows you to build custom applications and forms that can be used for, it seems like, limitless purposes. Our PowerApps team at TSG is currently coming up with innovative applications of PowerApps that are revolutionising the way businesses record expenses internally, field teams record data, and companies record sales leads. To see these revolutionary solutions in action, Futuretech is an event you can’t miss.

What’s more, once you’ve set up and designed your PowerApps and integrated them with a Flow process automation task, you can deploy them immediately.

We’re sensing a theme here…

3.       AI and BI in real-life

Until recently, artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI) were out of reach to all but the wealthiest and biggest of businesses. But that’s no longer the case, and chances are your competitors are already taking advantage of the accessibility of these technologies.

We’ll be showing you the power of TermSet’s intelligent metadata solution for document management, and later in the day applying it to a real-life situation that we’ll all be facing in the coming months: GDPR compliance. Qlik Sense’s unique business intelligence and visualisation platform will follow, and we’ll be showing you how to gain a competitive edge using Qlik Sense before applying it to GDPR as part of an end-to-end compliance solution.

4.       Demystifying Dynamics 365

There’s been much fanfare around Dynamics 365, but businesses up and down the country are still unsure about what it will offer them come its launch in October. Our Dynamics team will be taking you through what you can expect from the complete Business Management Solution (BMS) that is cloud-only and so rich in functionality that you could deploy it in less than a week.

5.       Automate processes, increase productivity

Process automation is another topic that sounds out of the reach of small to medium businesses. But thanks to technologies like Nintex and Office 365’s Flow, removing manual and repetitive processes that will free up your staff’s time and significantly increase productivity is now not only possible, but essential in keeping up with the modern business world. From small processes like submitting tasks for managerial or HR approval to entire end-to-end processes, like setting up and contacting a new customer, process automation allows your employees to add value in a way that only you can. It can be hard to know where to start with process automation; our experts will be on hand to show you some starting points and answer your burning questions at TSG Futuretech: Digital Transformation. Now.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t signed up for a TSG Futuretech near you – we’re hosting events in Newcastle, Manchester and London – don’t hesitate as places are limited and booking fast.

If you’re interested in the GDPR application of some of these applications, and the addition of the best in security, you can sign up to our GDPR and Technology event, which will be held on the afternoon of each Futuretech.