Alternative Burns Night Entertainment

Firstly, I’d like to apologise in advance to all Scottish colleagues and customers (and not just for being English!)

At our regular blog editorial meeting, we sat down to discuss this week’s posts and as always considered any events that we think have a link to technology (see last week’s blog to coincide with Work From Home Week).

My question ‘isn’t it Burns Night on Wednesday?’ was met from my younger colleagues in the marketing team with stunned silence.

‘Is that anything to do with The Simpsons?’ – now you understand the need to apologise.

Anyway, other than a Google Doodle back in 2011, we actually struggled to find a link between Burns Night and technology, however contrived.

Undeterred, we continued to look for an angle until we realised the answer was staring us in the face – the Alternative Burns Night.

So, if you’re not a fan of haggis, neeps and tatties then we have a suggestion.

(Interestingly, I discovered that haggis has actually been banned in the USA since 1971 on the basis that the traditional recipe contains between 10 and 15% sheep lungs! Must admit that doesn’t appeal to me! Although maybe Donald Trump will get his pen out to reverse the ban so that he can stay true to his Scottish ancestry…)

Why not settle down with a bottle of the finest single malt you can find and feast on an evening technology videos featuring our very own CTO, Paul Burns.

Over the past couple of years, Paul has been a prolific contributor to the blog and his Device Battle videos have been particularly popular.

Here’s a brief selection that you might want to revisit:

Microsoft Surface Studio: Has the Apple iMac finally met its match?

The Battle of the Business Smartphones: HP Elite X3 vs Microsoft Lumia 950

Hands on with the Surface Hub: The Device that can Replace Everything in Your Boardroom

Device Battles: iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 4

He’s also played a starring role in the ‘Five things about……in 60 seconds’ series of videos – and as the title suggests, they won’t take up too much valuable drinking time.

Five things to know about TSG’s IT support in 60 seconds

Five things to know about Office 365 in 60 seconds

Five things to know about IT security in 60 seconds

To those of you who choose to immerse yourselves in technology, why not suggest another device battle or topic for ‘Five things…’?

To those of you who will be saluting the ‘Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!’ we simply say ‘slainte’.