Apple iPhone 8: Are the rumours true?

The iPhone is arguably one of the most iconic gadgets ever created, and the greatly anticipated iPhone 8, to be released later this year, looks like it won’t disappoint.

The first version of the iPhone was released way back in November 2007 and has continued to offer exclusive technologies; it was the first multi touch screen, the iPhone 3GS had 3G network capabilities, while more recent models boast progressive design features such as the Plus models that offer a larger screen.

As well as the physical product, Apple continues to advance its iOS software to add to the iPhone’s functionalities, such as the pressure touch screening, Facetime, applications and a seamless integration with other Apple products, creating a network of powerful technologies.

10 years after the launch of the first iPhone, the iPhone 8 is to be revealed – or so rumours would have it. What better time to announce the next generation of iPhone than the 10th anniversary?

With competitors such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony and HTC now hot competition, with some arguably creating and implementing features ahead of Apple – like the Samsung Edge lines for example – the launch of a new iPhone would surely steal the spotlight, right?

There are various reports around the industry detailing ‘leaked’ iPhone 8 factory orders that include aesthetic changes, feature improvements – many of which indicate the iPhone will go through some major changes. Some reports have suggested that there will be an additional model named the iPhone X.

‘The iPhone X would have more than just a new name, according to the report by analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, who cited sources in Apple’s supply chain. Apparently, this flagship model will have a 5.8-inch wraparound screen with the fingerprint scanner, earpiece and front-facing camera all embedded into it.

Giving way to radical change, some other rumoured features include:

Facial Recognition ID
The Times of Israel reports that Apple has purchased a start-up that has developed top notch real-time facial recognition software. Could Apple be looking beyond its Touch ID and turning its attention towards a more impressive, secure login? With the ability to read a user’s expression and determine how they are feeling, coupled with a reported 99.67% success rate, it seems like this one could be a winner.

There’s no place like home?
It looks like Apple have decided otherwise and are saying goodbye to the home button. This could mean the Touch ID would be embedded into the display and with the rumoured reduced bezels it seems there will be an abundance of screen space.

Wireless charging
Samsung and other Android competitors beat Apple to the post when it came to introducing wireless charging. Rumours have long existed about Apple implementing this in its next iPhone. However, although it’s an exciting prospect, this one may not come to fruition due to a new report saying the Galaxy Note 7 has major battery issues directly relating to wireless charging. Accidents include overheating, catching fire and exploding – we’ll keep the cable thanks. This could put Apple off rolling out wireless charging in 2017.

Glass body
Reduced bezels for more screen space, stainless steel and glass, the rumour mill is in overload with the possible components of the new iPhone 8. The display itself is reported to be a flexible plastic OLED which is said to make it thinner, with a better quality display and lower power consumption.

Apple’s competition
These are all very intriguing prospects for Apple. However, as far as the competition is concerned, Huawei is especially close to closing the gap after seeing a 25% increase in smartphone sales in 2016. This doesn’t mean Huawei is usurping Apple, but it’s one to watch.

Last year Huawei sold around 80 million smartphones, which is still a way off Apples 211.8 million global unit sales in 2016. Apple’s year-on-year sales actually dropped, whereas Huawei’s projections increased after a recent quarter of 28 million units sold.

Huawei’s latest model, the P9, like the anticipated iPhone 8, is made from stainless steel, as well as including a dual lens camera co-created by Leica, a high end camera manufacturer. The price point is very different, but are you really getting your money’s worth with Apple when it comes down to the specs of either phone? Given that the P9 is £449.00 compared to Apple’s iPhone 7/7 Plus at £600-720.

Will you be queuing up to buy the iPhone 8? Or will you be looking at the ever-advancing Android competitors?