Becoming a TSG SystemCare Ninja

Well it’s official – after 9 and a half years with TSG, I’m now a ninja!

Now part of our SystemCare team, I’ll be fighting the good fight against anything that might impact on our customer’s sites. From catastrophic data loss, system failures, to the really annoying things that make your system run slower than it should; I’ll be on the front line and using our proactive monitoring tools to best protect our customers.

But it’s been an interesting journey getting here…

I started at TSG when I was 18. I came into our call control department, logging support calls by our customers. From here I always wanted to move to the ‘Technical’ side so I tried to get involved as much as I could in helping with office installs, memory upgrades and rebuilds.

It’s probably fair to say I’m a nosy type of person, and I was always wanting to be ‘in the know’ with everything that was happening on our support desk or in the pipeline – often walking up to colleagues asking, “What you doing?”

After a couple of years on Call Control I wanted more of a challenge. An opportunity came up within the Call Control department, on the buying side. It meant dealing with calls that needed parts bought so things like Hard Drives, UPS Batteries – if an engineer needed more boot stock I was the woman to see!

I did this job for a good six years and I absolutely loved it because I was getting more involved and getting a wider knowledge of the ins and outs of the systems and hardware our customers were using.

Then my whole world changed when I had my little boy Jack. I spent an amazing 9 months being a stay at home mum before deciding to return to work.

Back in Call Control I still wanted to be challenged and progress my career, so I expressed this to a few people and was encouraged to apply for an Internal Job vacancy for a SystemCare Support Consultant…on that occasion I wasn’t successful.

Two months later I was offered an informal meeting with our Service Delivery Director (on my day off and my Birthday) which I jumped at the chance for!

After what felt like the longest weekend in history (never thought I’d wish for a Monday to hurry up!) I got a phone call from Mike offering me a job as SystemCare Support Consultant (NINJA!!)

I think I might have bit his hand off…

I’m now a few weeks into my new role and I’m feeling a lot more confident & less overwhelmed than day on day one :). So far to date I have learned to navigate through SystemCare, deal with a few Admin calls from the Helpdesk (New Users/ Permissions), ran Patch updates and taken remote control of customer’s machines in order to fix their issues.

A major project the SystemCare team is working on at the moment is introducing additional feature benefits to the product via our new partnership with Autotask.

I’ve been updating our project management (GURU) documentation to reflect this, and my task for the next few months will be rolling out our new solution which is going to have a fantastic impact on our customers and their IT Support environment.

It’s incredibly exciting to have such a tangible role in a forward thinking business, and I look forward to what will hopefully be a successful career within TSG…I will try & keep you updated!!