Business Continuity: The Basics - Part 2

This is the second in a series of 3 blogs offering insights into business continuity and disaster recovery. If you’d like to learn about business continuity from our experts in action please register for our Business continuity and disaster recovery webinar.

When you hear the word disaster you may conjure images of hurricanes, floods and fires – all disasters that can prevent ‘business as usual’ (minus the hurricanes if you’re in the UK!)

However, with the rise of cyber-attacks such as Ransomware, businesses are facing a new threat that has reportedly hit 54% of businesses in the UK. We can now add cyber-attacks to a long list of disasters that can disrupt or entirely stop your business from functioning. So what can you put in place to ensure business continuity?

Benefits of a business continuity plan

  • Prevent or minimise the financial risk associated with not being able to serve customers or funtion at all – How much would it cost if your business went down for days?
  • Prevent or minimise reputational damage
  • Remain in the best possition possible in the event of a disaster
  • With proper planning – and practice runs – you won’t be unpreared should a disaster occur
  • Strengthen your organisation against large scale problems which could in turn mitigate smaller risks

Companies can go from business as usual, to a Ransomware outbreak to business as usual within the space of 20 minutes. Disaster recovery solutions (such as Datto) make sure in the event of a disaster your mission critical data is easily retrievable.

Prioritising your data and functions – what is important?

Your business-critical systems back up, must be at the forefront of your business continuity plan to ensure that on a very basic level your business is still able to function in the event of a disaster.

From here you can define a disaster recovery solution that will securely back up your data and systems should you need to retrieve these immediately.

Disaster recovery technology that is leading the way

TSG’s Head of IT & Business Systems recently described his experiences with Datto as being akin to climbing into a Mercedes Benz, amazing quality, the look and feel is very high end, and its performance exceeds expectations. Though there’s one thing that the Datto solution doesn’t have in common with a Merc – the premium price tag. (Speak to our experts for costings

Datto can replicate your systems seamlessly without interruption and it’s certainly not a dumping ground like other outdated backup systems, Datto allows you to re-start your machines providing genuine business continuity.

Deleted file? Datto has you covered.

Human error and file deletion is something that Datto also takes into consideration. You will no longer lose all the time spend on deleted files; from financial spreadsheets to proposals file retrieval is now quick and easy to do. Historically you’d have to go back to tape to retrieve a file, this would take so long it would render it almost pointless- a problem Datto has solved.

What’s next?

We’re hosting a business continuity webinar on Wednesday 13th December. We’ll be talking about how your business can avoid downtime.

Webinar Agenda:

•What do we mean by disaster?

•The difference between DR & backup

•Hierarchy of backup and disaster recovery

•Disaster examples including Ransomware – How can Datto help?

•Case study: How Datto helped Chadwick Lawrence

Register here for the Business Continuity Webinar: Disaster Recovery and Backup

Most businesses are not nearly as protected as they imagine with clumsy legacy systems backing up to tape or nothing in place whatsoever. Do you have disaster recovery in place?