Exclusive free offer to charitable housing associations

TSG is extremely proud to work alongside housing associations, helping them build strong digital cloud solutions as a platform for their services. Wextended our dedicated and exclusive housing team recently too which is now supported by over 260 digitalIT professionals. Read more about that here. 

The housing team are motivated and driven by the same core social purpose that energises the people we work with. We can tell that our customers are equally proud about the communities they create and how their work positively addresses homelessness. We are genuinely passionate about our work with housing associations and our close value and culture alignment which work very well together. 

TSG takes its commitment towards corporate social responsibility very seriously and has a strong track record of supporting various charities. We are always looking for new ways to get involved in charitable activitiesTSG offers its employees two paid days each year for us to volunteer for a cause close to our hearts. The housing crisis is very close to our hearts, so some of us would like to offer our time to housing associations who are registered as charities.  

Our core competencies are cloud, digital and Microsoft technology. This offer is open to all housing associations who are registered as charities. This is part of our corporate social responsibility and commitment to the housing sector. 

Some examples of work we could do for you might include: 

  • An overview of the cloud – what it is, what it isn’t, etc. We’ll help to demystify the cloud for residents and/or colleagues 
  • How to stay safe when using IT for residents or tenants. 
  • Training and overviews of Microsoft modern workplace technology for resident groups or staff e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint Teams etc. 
  • Cyber security briefings and MOT style assessments – Can we help so you can divert resource to the frontline? 
  • IT or Digital Strategy review – Your current state vs future state. Can any technology improvements free up time for critical services? 
  • Power App prototype design and build – Is there an app that could assist with allocation of accommodation or speed up a manual process? 
  • Coaching and mentoring your staff towards digital success 

All CSR days are delivered exclusively through Teams or Zoom. It doesn’t matter if we work with you already or not – this is open to all charitable housing associations and we would like the work we do to give a positive benefit. Please note that we obviously can’t help everyone and some of our employees have already helped other organisations, but please reach out with any ideas and we will assess and consider where we can assist to best effect. 

One current idea we are discussing is that we use charitable days from our Business Intelligence & Data team to help a charity who have problems reporting. Their issues mean vital time is being spent creating reports, this time could be better spent supporting vulnerable young people. TSG’s commitment in this case would be to provide consultancy to set up a proof of concept that will allow the charity to get up and running with some key reports very quickly. 

Please get in touch today if you would like to benefit from this offer.