Four of the Funniest Technology Videos: Part 2

For no particular reason whatsoever, I woke up this morning and decided today was the day to release another blog containing some funny YouTube videos.

(They’re technology related so I’m getting away with it…probably…)

1) Ellen is introducing the technology of yesteryear to some kids, whose superb reactions surely mean they have their own comedy careers waiting for them.

Among the items shown are a brick mobile phone, a typewriter, and something I don’t even recognise…


2) As the Apple Watch is officially released today (not that you’ll be able to walk into an Apple Store and actually buy one…) I couldn’t not include a reference to it.

This is an excellent parody video, but it is a teensy bit rude at certain points. Please don’t click if you are easily offended, and headphones are advised in open plan offices.


3) Sadly for RadioShack (the American version of Curry’s) they declared bankruptcy shortly after this excellently scripted advert was showcased at the Superbowl (they have since been bought out). But they couldn’t have had a better swansong, and I love any brand that is willing to poke fun at themselves. Count the 80s references!

(And shameless plug alert – if you like the retro theme of this and you haven’t seen our recently released ‘video game’ style video about our awesome IT support service TSG SystemCare, then it’s well worth a watch – watch out for the shark with a laser beam on his head, and the final ‘boss’ level).


4) Sophos are my video heroes – they consistently produce fantastic quality content. I must have watched this one at least 10 times.

‘Are you an IT Rockstar’ celebrates everything today’s IT manager has to cope with, and not only is this video wonderfully funny, it also has some valuable lessons for your business too (such as not clogging your server with One Direction videos…for more reasons than the obvious).


So, what have I missed? Share your funny technology videos in the comments section below.