Four of the Funniest Technology Videos

We’ve had a few blogs recently that have dealt with some very serious security issues (Windows XP, Heartbleed bug and password protection), so today I thought it was time we lightened the mood.

Here’s a list of what I think are the four funniest technology videos on the internet. We’re working on some TSG videos at the moment that take a rather unconventional approach – so I count watching these as valuable ‘research’.

I did ask some of my colleagues for input on this list – but I’m afraid I had to reject quite a few (ok pretty much all) of the suggestions. You may draw your own conclusions as for the reasons why….it is the internet after all.

So, the list below should be suitable for all viewers and you shouldn’t be too offended by them….probably….

By all means let me know what I’ve missed:

Siri as your driving companion

Siri takes control of the wheel whilst you try and give it instructions on where to go. This has consequences…

Amazon Yesterday shipping

With retailers promising shorter timescales on delivery, what happens when we order something today, and it arrives yesterday?

The IT Manager

With so many different devices we now have, the IT manager will often get some pretty strange requests. Great video from Sophos.

My Blackberry isn’t working

Great parody with Ronnie Corbert….why are all technology brands named after fruits?