From Hard Drives to Long Drives

If the originators of Golf all those centuries ago could see the game being played as it is today, they’d no doubt be turning in their impeccably raked, sand covered graves.

It’s only natural that as technology and ideas develop over time, most games will also advance to fit the modern era. Gone are the days of striking the golf ball with your Masher, Jigger or Niblick as today’s golfers are reaching into their bags for a Recoil Graphite shafted, 460 cubic capacity Callaway (there are other makes available!) Big Bertha Driver with adjustable weighted head and changeable face loft….

Just when any bunker-bound, bogey-bothered golfer thought that they were beginning to run out of excuses and looking to blame the tools… along comes GPS Equipment, Range Finders, Swing Analysis and all the golf improvement apps you can shake your putter at.

The technology that now exists in the world of golf is undoubtedly a huge factor in the improvements many of us will see out on the course in our games.

Today any golfer with the right app or gadget can download the layout of pretty much any golf course in the world. When out playing they can see exactly where they are on each hole and how long they will need to go to either lay up before a hazard, or carry to the green.

Some would argue that this takes out the traditional, non-gadget assisted element of the game whereby you use the stakes indicating 100, 150 or 200 yards to the green etc. to judge distance. If you were in between two markers you would have to use your judgement as to which club to use and what sort of shot to play.

Now, however, safe in the knowledge that the player has the right club in their hand and the right information of the conditions and distance to the target available, confidence can be high in hitting the right shot.

Whether it is a successful shot or not…is another thing!

Many will refuse to use such technology.  However, I can guarantee, if playing amongst a group where someone has such fandangled gadgetry, everyone has been guilty of at least once approaching a match crucial shot and shouting, “Here, Lee?! What distance does it say I am from the pin from here then?!”

Before golfers even step out on to the 1st Tee there are now the practice grounds and driving ranges with Swing Analysis apparatus ready to tantalise (and terrorise) golfers.

They tell us where we’re going wrong, which knee is locking up that shouldn’t be, and why our hips aren’t the only things ruining our swing.

But then why’s the guy in the next bay, with the swing that looks like someone hurling the hammer at the Olympics, creaming the ball 250 yards in a straight line…every time?? What does he know that others don’t?

The answer? Speak to an expert.

I believe that even possessing all the technology available to mechanise and improve your game, you still can’t account for good old expert guidance. In this particular analogy, the knowledge and advice of the Club’s Golf Pro.

Not everyone will get their game where they want by using every bit of technology available. Some technologies prove a distraction, some bits are just plain unnecessary, and it may take the friendly tips from a recognised professional to help you determine which elements you really need to get you where you want to be, and which are a waste of time for you.

I mean….we don’t want to be accused of having ‘All the gear, and no idea’ now. Do we?!

It’s clearly important to keep up with the shifts in technology – after all, it is so easy now to find out exactly how far off you are from carrying that pond and landing on the green rather than guess where you roughly are and stick your finger in the air only to interrupt some nesting waders.

So whereas with golf you need a Pro who knows his shanks from his slices, or a caddy you can trust to take you through the 18 holes of oblivion that face you; with business and technology, you need to be confident that you have the right expert who can guide you through the appropriate IT solutions to enable your business to perform at its best. 

TSG have been in the game long enough to be able offer you all the tips and advice to ensure that you have all the right technology in place to take you to where you want to be. You can concentrate on keeping your grip loose, your swing easy and sinking those 30ft putts knowing that you have the right gadgets working away in the background to enable you to stay out of the rough and on track for an above par performance.

As well as being a massive golf fan myself, I’m hugely fortunate to be responsible for organising our TSG National Golf Day tournament on top of our other events. I’ve seen some fantastic, naturally talented golfers amongst our customers, and also those who have… erm… really embraced the technological advances on offer!!

The winner of our National Golf Day gets to play a round of golf playing in the same Four Ball as Lee Westwood.

And it doesn’t get much better than the expertise of Lee Westwood offering you tips around the course.