GDPR: Balancing IT security with business needs

Alongside our successful GDPR events calendar we’re also publishing a series of blogs throughout August focusing on the IT security element of GDPR, with a spotlight on how it can help you to protect your business critical data and begin your journey towards compliance with technology.

The first 3 blogs in the series:

Wrapping IT security around your online environment is crucial

GDPR and Data loss prevention: Keeping your data safe

GDPR: Protecting your data from cyber-attacks before May 2018

The GDPR deadline is looming and it’s something that no business can afford to ignore. We’re showcasing technologies that are designed to help businesses comply with GDPR in our events held in Newcastle, Manchester and London: you can sign up here.

Securing your data

With malicious cyber-attacks on the rise you can clearly see why companies across the UK are looking to protect their business-critical information. Raising staff awareness coupled with a robust IT security strategy is a must to lock down that mission-critical data and keep your business out of harm’s way.

Safeguarding your data by utilising an IT security solution is a smart first move on your journey towards GDPR compliance, it’s something we’re speaking with our customers about daily to ensure they are taking the right steps, in light of the looming GDPR deadline.

By securing your data you can control who has access to it, when and on what terms. This is another important factor when it comes to protecting your data. Companies are no longer using just one device to work on, many employees use multiple devices and even home equipment such as a personal laptop or tablet to access corporate data. How safe is your data?

IT security is a vital first step on your journey towards compliance as the heavy GDPR fines are set to come into practice from May 2018. Knowing where to start when it comes to GDPR can be a real stumbling block, that’s why we’re demystifying GDPR in our upcoming events. We’re working with our customers to set out roadmaps and actions to take in order to comply and avoid hefty fines.

Balancing business needs

Of course the other crucial element of securing your IT environment is ensuring your security also meets with your business needs, providing access where necessary so your business is never hindered by inaccessible data. Striking a fine balance between locking down your data to cyber criminals and ensuring your staff can safely access their files, emails and other information is a must.

IT security is there to protect your business but it must also allow for access, responsiveness and of course the flexibility to function at your best.

It is important that the IT security measures you put in place to protect your data don’t impact your employees’ abilities to quickly access the data they need, whenever they need it, wherever they are. TSG has a comprehensive suite of solutions covering all aspects of IT security so whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to find a solution that will keep you safe without slowing you down.

As the General Data Protection Regulations themselves say, you must “implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk”, indicating that no-one expects all businesses to have the same level of protection; everyone’s requirements will be different and it’s TSG’s job to determine your unique data access requirements and tailor a security solution to those exact requirements.

If you’d like to know TSG find the balance for thousands of customers across the UK register for our upcoming GDPR series.