GDPR: How to prioritise IT security

Alongside our upcoming GDPR events calendar (read more here) we’re also publishing a series of blogs throughout August and September unravelling the IT security element of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We’ll be showcasing the technologies that can help you to protect your business-critical data and kick off your journey towards GDPR compliance.

GDPR can be a complex topic to address, the hardest part can be knowing where to start. We’re helping our customers to understand what data they have, where it’s held and how they can secure it in line with GDPR guidelines.

It’s clear that securing your PII data is an integral factor in GDPR. But where do you start? Prioritising your IT security is a smart first step. There are a number of ways you can secure your data:

• Server protection/hardening
• Patching and service packs
• Replacing and updating old versions,
• Internal robust security policy
• Data Encryption
• Integrated set of tools
• Strengthen password policy
• Regular reviews & testing of security

Don’t make the mistake of thinking by using software in the cloud that you are protected. Businesses need a robust IT security strategy in place even when using secure platforms such as Office 365. Considering each of the above areas is essential to ensure you’re covering all bases.

The NHS breach earlier this year catapulted IT security into the headlines across the world. Although using a dated operating system such as XP wasn’t the cause of the attack it did allow the malware to spread quickly. If the network had been patched it’s likely that the malware would have had a significantly lesser effect.

The more we utilise encryption within business the better, when you look at how quickly data can move around and spread; USB sticks, email, social media etc. locking down that sensitive information is key.

To find out how you could use technology to improve your IT security and begin your journey towards GDPR compliance, you can attend our GDPR & Technology event and speak with our experts, these events are held in October in Newcastle, Manchester & London.

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