GDPR IT Security: If you do nothing else do this

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) DEADLINE: May 2018 

This FREE webinar is the second in a series of three. The first webinar GDPR Compliance: Key messages and lessons learnt – Brought to you by TSG in partnership with Evolve North East will be been recorded and available from the 17th January – to request a copy of this webinar presented by Evolve North’s Mark Dennis please email

TSG has been working with customers across the UK to prepare for GDPR, from discovery to management and reporting. Businesses looking to avoid those hefty fines from the ICO should look to understand where they hold Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and secure it. PII can come in the form of an email address, financial information date of birth etc. 

As the title of this webinar suggests, if you do nothing else do this  protect your business information. Personally Identifiable Information must be protected from cyber criminals such as hackers but also employees who can maliciously or unknowingly breach data laws. 

This webinar will cover the ‘attack surface’ of a business and the journey your PII can take within your organisation. From USB sticks carrying critical business data off-site to malicious cyber-attacks such as Ransomware this webinar will not only prepare you for GDPR, it will also give insight on how to protect your business from hackers, attacks and breaches.  

Webinar agenda:  

  • Your journey to compliance- where does technology fit in?  
  • The ‘attack surface’ and the journey of data 
  • Prioritising your IT security from anti-Ransomware to disaster recovery 
  • Data encryption and data loss prevention  
  • What is anti-exploit and why does your business need it?  
  • Root cause analysis: cyber attack reporting  
  • Training your workforce: Simulated phishing attacks 


Type of event? Online seminar

Who should attend? MDs, FDs, SDs

Why attend the event? This webinar will show you that if you feel unprepared for GDPR, then if you do nothing else do this – protect your business information.

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