Going for Gold with TSG’s SharePoint EDRM Solution

Here at TSG, we’ve seen the benefits organisations in the sector can reap when they adopt a Microsoft-first approach for document management, yet we still hear myths that Microsoft 365 is not capable of delivering a full, comprehensive document management solution. Unfortunately, this comes as a result of hear-say from alternative document management software providers and those who haven’t seen the ‘Microsoft light’, but we’re here to set the record straight. 

M365 & SharePoint Online provide all the features and functionality required to implement a highly compliant and governed Electronic Document & Records Management Solution (EDRMS).  

However, let’s be honest – it’s not as simple as implementing the perfect solution straight out of the box. Yes, you’ll get the initial components required to lay the foundations for a robust solution, and if you are happy with a ‘Bronze’ solution then fine… but the real shot at Gold comes when you add in TSG’s components; giving you an advantage over the rest with powerful technology to boost your chances of getting you over the line in first place. Here’s how it works in practice, dragging out this ropey but appropriate analogy… 

So how do we get a solution that is feature rich and easy to use?, Well get on your blocks and get ready with M365 AND TSG’s components. 

Qualification time! 

M365 and SharePoint Online has undergone extensive honing and is now in peak condition for usage allowing you to deploy the necessary EDRMS components: 

  • Retention Policies 
  • Sensitive Information Types 
  • Classifications 
  • Data Loss Prevention Policies 
  • SharePoint Information Architecture 
  • Metadata 
  • Security 
  • Mobility & Mobile Device Management 

So, you’re all in tip top condition and ready to go!  

Well… you are if you’re content with users manually uploading documents and applying metadata. Yes, you could use the Content Organiser feature, but in our experience, this isn’t great, and it’s definitely not worthy of a Gold medal. 

Going for Gold! 

Deploy the following TSG Components to boost your EDRMS and provide: 

  • Auto-filing from your housing management solution, with no user input required 
  • A simple and easy to use method for manual additions to the EDRMS – tell the system what the document type is and what it relates to, and we’ll do the rest 
  • Auto-filing of documents and certificates from external partners and suppliers 
  • Auto-triggering of retention periods for event driven policies 
  • Auto-filing of emails and attachments 
  • Content and metadata driven search 

This Gold-level solution has been designed with housing associations, for housing associations. So, if you want to protect your organisation going forward, you’ll be taking the right steps by moving to this evergreen, always-on, continually evolving platform. 

We‘ve successfully deployed this platform to a number of associations, integrated to a range of housing management and other sector specific solutions, and migrated from legacy EDRM solutions. 

Whilst BMX, dressage, or gymnastics may not be our forte, TSG holds Gold for our Microsoft Partner status and we’re best placed to set you off on your Olympic journey, to the top of the medal table for document management success!