Happy staff, happy customers, happy suppliers

This video is the fifth in a series featuring Richard Tang, CEO of ZEN Internet. In this episode, Richard talks about the ethos of ZEN and why that’s important to customers. The values of ZEN are simple but powerful:  

Happy staff, happy customers and happy suppliers  

Everything we do should contribute to those objectives” – Richard Tang, CEO of ZEN Internet  

Richard works on a single premise of people first – money secondOf course, the business must grow and succeed financially but in Richard’s view, money is subservient to the people-centric element of ZEN’s approach.  

When it comes to customer service, ZEN’s ethos fits in line with the fundamental objectives of the business. For example, Richard states:  

If a customer calls with an issue – even one unrelated to ZEN, then let’s go above and beyond to help them fix it. 

The philosophy of happy staff, happy customers, happy suppliers drives our decision-making throughout the company, something Richard believes is what makes ZEN so strong.