Internet Age

This week is the 20th anniversary of the world wide web (or w3 as it was once known) becoming free to all users.

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee was working at CERN all those years ago, his purpose for www was to decentralise control and make access to information available to all (sounds like The Cloud!!). 

A simple browser which didn’t require an expensive, complicated computer to view it on, helped to make this possible – principles worth preserving I think.

It’s what Wikipedia fought for when they shut down for 24 hours in protest against anti-piracy bills that could have ended up in censorship.

If I started to write a blog on how much the web has changed our lives it would soon descend into novel territory and by time I’ve finished the next big thing – world wide teleporting – would already be celebrating its third anniversary……probably.

So instead I thought I’d keep it simple and compile a completely random list of what I use the web most for today.  It was a tough list to put together but I think I’ve narrowed down my favourites – here they are in reverse order.  I’d be interested to hear if you think I’m typical (was going to say normal but….) and also what you use the web most for.

5) Finding myself (not in a typing my name in Google sort of way!!!)

I’m one of those people who you’ve all probably tutted at one time or another – if I’m in an unknown city I have a terrible habit of walking whilst holding my mobile phone out in front of me, as if it has some sort of invisible lead.

It’s because I’m trying to find whatever meeting place, restaurant, bar (probably bar) I’m looking for, and rather than look at street signs or, god, forbid, a city tourist map, I’m heavily reliant on the web’s instructions, no matter how flawed they might be (the map problems on the iPhone 5 was a time I’d prefer not to talk about….)

4) Keeping up to date

It’s an obvious one this but the fact is that staying on the top of the latest news is a fundamental part of my daily routine.  Because I’m on the go a lot I organise my apps so that I see the topics that I’m most interested in and create alerts so I’m constantly tapped in.

3) Watching Sky on the move

Sky Go+ – pretty much my favourite app.  As a consumer it gives me choice.  I can watch TV via mobile or tablet, and catching up on demand is a necessity for me (especially when I get stuck deciding between The Following and 666 Park Avenue– talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place)

2) Getting bombarded

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that part of my role is to face plant myself into what’s new in the technology industry, and share what’s relevant with colleagues.  Subscribing to Twitter lists and e-newsletters helps consolidate this information and I love how my preferences are streamlined on the likes of LinkedIn with relevant articles for my industry.

1) Video conferencing

I travel a lot for my job so keeping in touch with home is my number 1.  I use video conferencing all the time and often read my daughter a bedtime story over Facetime.