Is This The Real Life? 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Office 365 Already

When it comes to technology, many of us are guilty of making ‘temporary fixes’ (although turning something on and off again genuinely has a long term benefit in 90% of cases).  

An example of this could be saving a really important document to your desktop because you’ve got no space left on your server.

Guilty’s a strong word actually – we do these things because they’re probably the only option at the time. And then we conveniently forget about it all until it comes back to haunt us…i.e we lose our laptop, and therefore all record of that really important document .

However, in the best solution to a problem since a bus company in China launched a new ‘Drive Safely’ campaign by hanging big bowls of water next to the driver so they would drive more carefully, these temporary fixes can now be a thing of the past.

If you use Office 365 of course.

Picture some scenarios:

1) You’re on the train, on your way to a business meeting. It’s an important meeting, and you’ve got your laptop out, going over your presentation one last time.

So engrossed are you that you don’t realise the train has arrived at your stop until the very last moment. You gather your things hurriedly, sling your ninja turtle lunchbox into the hidden depths of your bag, and vacate the carriage.

Only as you’re looking down the platform trying to find the exit from the station, does the dread start to fill your entire body. You pat yourself down as if hoping for some kind of miracle, but deep down you already know the truth.

You left your ninja turtle lunchbox on the train.

Ok ok, you left your laptop, and it’s in the company of the scrupulous characters you just shared a train compartment with for the last three hours.

Luckily, you didn’t just save your presentation to your desktop like you normally do. You uploaded it to OneDrive in Office 365, which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

2) You are at a conference, packed to the rafters with clients and competitors alike. You skilfully have key conversations with customers and prospects, out of earshot of arch-rivals ABC Ltd, while projecting success like a proud peacock.

A peacock that has dropped the company mobile in the main hall. And John Smith from ABC Ltd is nowhere to be seen…

Thankfully, all the client’s proposals and documentation are held in OneDrive on Office 365, and from any browser your mobile device can be instructed to block access to all documents.

Not this time Johnny Boy.

3) You have a key meeting with the MD via Skype for Business to go over the numbers for year end, but 10 minutes before the meeting starts you get an unexpected sales opportunity on the other side of the city. It’s a significant opportunity but you need to be at the meeting ASAP to stand a chance of winning it. Time is running out and you can’t do both.

Thankfully Office 365 gives you the same experience across all of your devices, so you jump in a cab and have the video call with the boss as planned on your mobile. Once the call is done you can access your CRM system to find out more about the client and the opportunity before you head in.

True synchronised multiplatform working has been predicted for years, and I for one believe it has arrived. It is making TSG’s customers significantly more efficient and resilient than their competitors, and starting from £3.10 per user per month, it’s no surprise demand is soaring.

If you want to know more about Office 365, then this video has 5 things you really need to know about it, which our National Technical Director had to do in exactly 60 seconds!