Moving office & minimising productivity loss and disruption

New beginnings for TSG head office

Exciting times ahead as the TSG head office relocates!

Whilst TSG cherished its old and trusty office based within Gosforth Business Park, the time has come to fly the nest and adopt new business premises at Quorum Business Park.

Over the past few months, Business Services Manager Anthony Morrison and the team have worked tirelessly to ensure an effortless transition for all 55 TSG staff members based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. TSG staff were at their desks and working at 9am on the morning of the move due to diligent prior planning from the internal team and staff alike.

From interior design, moving logistics to IT specifics, Anthony Morrison, Stephen Trebilcock and the team went above and beyond to deliver a smooth transition, despite business moves being notorious for causing concerns.

Most commonly, businesses find themselves falling short when it comes accounting for the IT solutions below:


The first thing for TSG to do was to predict the amount of space required for each person within the business.

Taking into consideration meeting facilities, welfare facilities, IT equipment, telephones and storage TSG were able to find the right environment to suit its business needs.


Losing productivity is one of the biggest concerns when moving business locations. TSG minimised the risk to productivity by ensuring its systems were able to continue working like a well-oiled machine during the transition. To do this TSG’s Infrastructure and communications manager Stephen Trebilcock assessed the network infrastructure and carried out a full server room walkthrough ensuring all future and existing demands could be met. Following these assessments Anthony and the IT team were able to make the correct plans for all access portals within the new business premise at Quorum.


One of the fundamental musts for moving is to make sure all data is backed up before any transition. Precautionary actions were taken to ensure all data was safe from loss and damage before, during and after the TSG head office move. With the looming GDPR legislation enforcement next month, being diligent during this process was paramount.

Wiring and Cables

Well before TSG made the move to the new office, Anthony Morrison was one-step ahead with the cabling and other infrastructure needed on-site for all IT devices. This enabled the team to make the right decisions when preparing employee work stations with correct power options, something businesses would often overlook until last minute. Extensive planning proved to be a time saver during implementation for all members of staff on the morning of the big move resulting in minimal negative impact on productivity.

In the lead up to the move there was collaboration from the internal teams with assistance from the field team (Richard Howe), logistics (Neil Armstrong and Mark Wilkinson) and Provisioning team (Ella Wake).

During the move of over 55 Staff over the weekend things went well with only a couple of snags but no-show stoppers. A special thanks to Ryan Coates, Simon Harvey, Sam Raikes, Rachel Morrison, and Dominic Worrall who all gave up time in their weekend to get the job completed ready for Monday morning – Stephen Trebilcock & Anthony Morrison

A TSG welcome on Quorum Business Park

The new head office is now based on the Quorum Business Park which offers TSG staff the environment needed to thrive whilst providing better quality of life.

There are a large range of onsite and offsite activities provided by both TSG and Quorum Business Park including football league, wildlife Group, BBQ hire, evening bike rides, running clubs, discounts and onsite amenities for TSG staff members to be involved with.

“We invest in health and wellbeing of Quorum workers though a varied and dynamic timetable of events, clubs and activities, we have created a strong sense of community and an award-winning environment in which to work, live and play” – Quorum Hub

A moving success with TSG

Marketing Executive Kerry Liddell states “There was an energetic atmosphere in the office this morning as everyone unpacked their belongings which were transported from the old office and positioned at our new desks. There is nothing quite like setting up a brand-new desk, putting your homely touches in place and greeting your brand-new desk colleagues. I look forward to settling into the new office, discovering new places to hold meetings and polishing up on my pool skills during lunch.”

With any large-scale move there was apprehension as to whether it would go off without a hitch among members but as the dust settles as it hits midday on the first day in the new office, the move has been a roaring success.