New Website Coming Soon...

We’re excited to announce that TSG will soon be launching the new

Our new website has been designed to give our visitors a top-notch user experience and deliver further value by offering a packed resource centre full of information delivered directly by our experts.

We welcome thousands of visitors to our website each week, some looking to ask our IT experts questions via our instant messaging tool; others to read about new product releases, and many looking to catch up with the latest in tech news on our blog.

Giving our customers a first class experience is a main focus for us. From our IT support services to digital transformation, we want our customers to know they have a solid IT partner at their side. Our aim was to develop a website that sits alongside this ethos to deliver extra value for our customers.

The world of IT is a complex one and TSG is here to make the complicated simple; the launch of the new website is another way we deliver value to our customers. We’ve made resources a big part of the new launch, including infographics, videos and articles, with our experts weighing in on the latest releases and trends in the industry.

The launch of the new will be another stepping stone on the road to digital transformation for many.

So what’s new?

You’ll notice right away a big design overhaul – much more than a fresh lick of paint! The new goes beyond anything we’ve released before. Our brief was clearly defined from the outset: we needed a fresh, clean design, resource and learning driven in content, with user experience at the heart of the new

You can still find a number of familiar features, including IT support and SystemCare sections, but the introduction of new pages specifically focused around digital transformation, Futuretech, a new events schedule including our incredibly popular webinar series, all give further detail about what visitors can expect with our latest release.

The website has been designed with a huge focus on those visiting via mobile. We wanted to ensure our visitors can gain access to TSG anywhere, anytime and on any device. It’s similar to Office 365 in that respect – a shameless plug.

Why now?

Technology is our passion and accessibility, design and user experience are key with any digital platform. Our team wanted to give visitors a new experience which would allow them to get a better understanding of how we help thousands of companies across the UK with their IT. This means that visitors not only find what they are looking for, but further encourage technology conversations with our team. Whether this is a comment on our blog, a message straight to our inbox or an instant message with one of our experts, we’re always happy to help.

What’s next?

Keep your eyes open for the launch of the new in the coming weeks, we’d love to hear what you think!