Odin Is The New Zepto

At first it was locky, which transformed into Zepto, now we face the latest in ransomware strains – Odin. Aptly named after the Greek god Odin – known to seek greater knowledge in disguise.

The victims targeted by Odin will see that Locky is still very much present when it comes to the dark web “Ransom page” where you are instructed on how to pay up. As with many other malware attacks the email attachment that the crooks are hoping you’ll open is a Java script programme.

When this is opened, the Odin Ransomware program is launched (without warning) and boom! Goodbye valuable business files.

Once encrypted your files will have .odin added to the end of each file name, of course at this point these files are no longer accessible. This is where the panic sets in and your money comes in handy – or so many people believe.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that if you pay the ransom you will regain access to your PC/files. You are very likely to be left out of pocket. TSG recommend a prevention over cure perspective when it comes to IT security, and we urge you to consider a robust back up strategy that will protect you from these attacks.

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Ransomware is an incredibly fast growing form of malware, and it’s taking the IT security world by storm. Its rapid growth and unpredictable nature is forging a new breed of IT security products to combat these wicked attacks.

Research has shown that the UK is under serious threat with 25% of all cyber-attacks being Ransomware. –ESET

The impact that Ransomware has had on a global scale is huge and it’s only going to get bigger here in the UK. Back up your data before it’s too late.

What does the Odin Malware look like? Step by step guide:

1. Users are targeted via a spam email, this looks very realistic and encourages the user to open an attachment

2. The user then opens the email attachment, as this is done the odin programme is launched and all of the files stored on the PC (starting with most used) are encrypted

3. A file that was once named test.jpg would appear as a series of symbols followed by .odin

4. The victim is then given instructions on how to regain access to their files which is usually a request of payment via bitcoin (these instructions are then set as your desktop wallpaper, to ensure there is no confusion, you are well and truly out of control)

Odin Ransomware – what can I do?

1. Back up your data

Establishing a data backup strategy is a sure fire way to guarantee you won’t be unprotected and powerless, not to mention out of pocket, when Odin comes knocking. There are countless technologies available to ensure your data is backed up. Talk to TSG about your data strategy.

2. Implement a security solution

There is no denying that ransomware attacks are growing and that UK companies fall into a high risk category. By implementing a security solution you will be protected against these malicious attacks that, once launched can’t be reversed. Products like the NEW Sophos Intercept X can protect you against malicious Ransomware attacks. See what security solutions are available.

3. Understand the risk and act

Knowledge is power and the more you understand about malware, Ransomware and all the variations (the list grows daily) the better protected you and your workforce will be. Read our blog about Zepto.