Royal wedding - Would you use technology to select your guest list?

As the week comes to a close, we get ever closer to the wedding of the year (we are of course talking about the Royal Wedding). Whether you are a budding traditionalist or simply enjoy a good old get together you will have come across several obstacles in your way when sorting out your guest list. Even the royals can’t invite everyone, and Prince Harry and Megan have certainly come across thorns in the road as it becomes noticeable that key members of each family are yet to be seen on the royal wedding guest list.

No matter what the event there is always a debate about who you should invite whether it is down to capacity, relationships, budget or because the environment isn’t suitable for members of your party.

The same can be said for picking the right solution for your business when considering Digital Transformation. Many businesses come to TSG with an idea in mind, be it a large-scale infrastructure project or an applications project. It is TSG’s job to analyse their business IT environment and advise upon a solution to bring to the party taking into consideration the size of the business, the company challenge/aim, legacy solutions already in place, training and development required.

Invitation selection using Qlik Sense

The full list of members of the public invited to the royal wedding grounds include 200 people from charities, 530 people from the royal household and Crowne Estate 100 local school children and 1200 members of the public from a range of backgrounds and ages.

With over 65million people in the UK and only 2,400 people invited to Harry and Megan’s wedding, many minds across the UK have pondered over the selection process.

Maybe this data isn’t as isn’t as random as we think – if the palace has selected a balanced demographic, how would they do this?

Selecting members of the public at random would need one thing, a data management system. One that allows you to store, analyse and report on data all in one place – that’s where Qlik comes in!

Qlik Sense is the next-generation business intelligence and analytics platform that lets you see the whole story that lives within data. Qlik allows you to freely explore, cleanse, transform and unify multiple data sources to discover insights.

Qlik Sense allows you to segregate selected data according to your wants and needs. For example, if you wanted to invite a range of men and women aged between 24-30 all you would need to do is input those demographic requirements and Qlik Sense would present all the matching data.

Becoming a data analyst is easy with Qlik Sense’s intuitive dashboard as it allows you with creative, flexible and interactive ways of presenting your data that is simple to use and understand. Qlik Sense helps you to simplify your data, making it easy for anyone to use and understand their data.

So, there you have it, a royal overview of the solutions we would bring to the “IT business party” to simplify difficult procedures and develop your IT environment during a digital transformation phase.

What solution would you bring to your IT business party?

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