Sage 200c integration in Office 365 is now LIVE!

The hotly-anticipated Office 365 integration into Sage 200c has finally been released.

Sage has been teasing this integration since the launch of Sage 200c, with limited Office 365 features up until now.

The introduction of Sage Contacts, which integrates Sage 200c with Outlook to provide contact details, balances, credit status, transaction history and memos of the customer you’re communicating with, meaning you don’t need to leave Outlook to access this vital information.

Sage states that this integration provides “supercharged software” that allows users to significantly increase productivity. This integration aligns with the 3 key themes of Sage 200c: connected data, customer experience and simplicity. By connecting Sage 200c data with Office 365, Sage 200c not only delivers exceptional customer service, but allows you to too.

Mobility is a key element of this integration, as Office 365’s hybrid cloud hosting complements Sage 200c’s cloud offering. Colleagues now have more freedom than ever to work remotely with access to all of the business and customer information they need at hand, as well as the applications they rely on every day.

TSG’s Applications Partner Manager Steven Osprey commented on this update: “This is a really exciting integration that we’ve all been waiting for.

“We’re seeing a shift in the way different software applications work with each other. It’s based on the Microsoft model of integrating everything for a seamless experience.

“Sage products have long integrated with third-party add-ons, as have Microsoft’s, but this one is particularly important because it’s more than just add-ons; it’s two market leaders coming together to provide the best service to their customers, and in turn allowing their customers to do the same.”

An additional new functionality is the Documents to Anywhere feature, which automatically saves documents to PDF when generated and allows for easy sharing from local machines, servers or OneDrive.

Sage is also encouraging users to explore the apps available as part of Microsoft Office 365; in particular OneDrive for anytime, anywhere cloud storage and powerful collaboration tool Microsoft Teams.

TSG and Sage are hosting a joint event at The Shard, London, to introduce you to the power of Sage 200c combined with Office 365. Sign up now to see an exclusive live demo of Sage 200c in action, with its powerful new features including Sage Bank Feeds, web-based purchase requisitions, a dedicated, standalone invoicing module and of course, the brand-new integration with Office 365. You’ll also get insights on Sage’s future roadmap from Sage representatives, and an overview of how you can prepare for GDPR with Sage and Office 365. Sign up now to achieving digital transformation with Sage 200c and Office 365.