Sage 200cloud launch – 3 of the best new features

The latest version of Sage 200 launched this month; rather than sticking to the conventional naming format of Sage 200 2017, this is Sage 200c. The ‘c’ stands for connected and ushers in a new focus for Sage’s flagship ERP software.

This is no ordinary upgrade. Sage 200c has been improved so significantly that it’s near-enough a brand-new product. What’s more, all of the updates and new features are based directly on customer feedback, indicating Sage’s commitment to putting customers at the heart of its solutions.

Like its predecessor, Sage 200c is a complete business management solution that allows you to manage finances, marketing, customers and business insight in one place. As a cloud ERP solution, employees can manage their customers and opportunities on the move whenever, wherever. Sage 200c is also available on premise.

Who should be using Sage 200c?

Sage 200c is ideal for businesses that:

  • Turn over between £1 million-£50 million
  • Have between 10-200 employees
  • Are growing rapidly and need a scalable solution

Digital transformation is happening right now, but many businesses don’t know where to start; many also don’t know that you don’t need an out-there, wildly expensive and supposedly advanced solution to digitally transform. At its core, digital transformation is the use of technology to improve processes, increase efficiency and productivity and ultimately, profitability. Sage 200c ticks all of these boxes; why not start your digital transformation journey with a piece of software you use daily?

Here are some of the most innovative new features in Sage 200c:

1. Sage Bank Feeds

Easily the most talked-about new feature of Sage 200c, Sage Bank Feeds allows you to connect your business’ bank directly to your Sage software, allowing transactional information to feed directly into your finances, live.

By linking up your bank to your accounting software, you can eliminate a huge amount of data entry, significantly saving time and increasing employee productivity. This links to all three of Sage 200c’s key themes: connected data, customer experience and simplicity. This addition proves that process automation isn’t simply for the large enterprise but is now accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Sage Bank Feeds can become your first enabler of digital transformation.

2. Purchase Requisitions

Thanks to customer feedback, Sage has introduced a new purchase requisitions feature. This gives employees a simple way to enter requisitions. You can specify which colleagues can view and approve requests, giving your finance team greater control over purchasing. Once the requisitions have been authorised, the requisition can automatically generate a purchase order.

This is another new feature aimed at drastically reducing the manual, repetitive and time-consuming data entry that can take up so much of an employee’s time. Employees can access purchase requisitions anytime, anywhere and it gives your finance team full visibility of all requests and purchase orders.

3. Invoicing

Invoicing was top of Sage 200 customers’ wishlists, so Sage 200c features a standalone Invoicing module. The aim of this is to simplify the process of raising and processing invoices. The module is ideal for creating credit notes and invoices that don’t have a despatch process; perfect for service industries.

Using the Invoicing module customers will be able to raise, print and post invoices quickly and easily, and stock and transactions will auto-update at the point of post. This fast invoicing process will allow colleagues to be more effective and productive, and is another step in reducing the vast amounts of data entry that are usually required when working with ERP software solutions.

See Sage 200c live in action…and more!

We’re hosting a joint event with Sage in October to showcase the power of Sage 200c. But that’s not all; we’ll also be giving you an exclusive first look at the upcoming Office 365 integration. As one of only 6 Sage Key Partners and with 7 Microsoft Gold Competencies, our event will provide you with the insight no other partner could. Find out more and sign up now.