Strong partnerships mean quality customer experience

The demand for reliable, powerful, enterprise-level connectivity in businesses of all sizes across the UK was the catalyst for the partnership between ZEN and TSG. Having worked together for a number of years, our partnership means that we’re able to offer our customers a robust connectivity service to power their IT environment.

“We have a fantastic long-term working relationship with TSG and when partnerships work really well we contribute to each other’s success.” – Richard Tang, CEO of ZEN Internet

Delivering an impeccable customer experience means only working with high-quality, multi-award-winning vendors with best-in-class technologies. ZEN has the quality and credibility to provide customers with a first-class service. The quality of the network build is what gives our customers a reliable and powerful product.

This is the sixth video in our series featuring Richard Tang, CEO of ZEN Internet. Watch our interview below, in which Richard discusses the importance of partners.