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Richard Adams

Richard Adams

Senior Service Design Lead

Tell us a little bit about your professional work history and the beginnings of TSG

Previous to TSG I worked for my family’s business as General Manager until we sold it in 2010, I knew David Stonehouse well and he asked me if I would like the opportunity to work with his Team here at TSG and have worked here ever since.

When I first started work at TSG it was the early years of the cloud and I spent some time helping review options, what it meant to TSG how it would change the way we sold and re modelled our support offerings. You might say 12 years ago was too early to be looking at the cloud journey, but it certainly helped the business understand what they needed to be mindful about with all offerings.

After the initial two years with TSG I went back into a more business development role working with some of our high profile accounts and have continued to help grow our client base UK wide, challenging during Covid but rewarding as the companies we now work with love our breadth of experience we share with them.

What is the most rewarding part about your role at TSG?

Seeing the team at TSG on board a new client, then deliver that initial project, we have great people and when a new client sees how we work, including multiple touch points they know they made the right decision to come to TSG. The teams experience and how they cascade that down to our clients works incredibly well and shows true partnership value.

Away from work, what do you enjoy doing?

I like to keep active in my spare time playing golf and football, whist also circuit training weekly to keep in shape. Away from sport I have been on the local Parish Council for over 10 years and have the role of deputy chair, with a keen eye on planning. Never a dull moment on the Parish Council and always challenging so keeps the mind focused.

At home I am a keen DIY person with many a building/bar built down the garden – people will often ask what you are building now – and in fact, the last project was a lovely seating area for my two grandchildren for the next time they stop over.

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