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Sam Dowd

Sam Dowd

Customer Success Manager

What is your role here at TSG & how do you support our customers?

I am a relatively new Customer Success Manager at TSG , my role is to  work with my clients to develop relationships and trust, and to help them achieve strategic goals through the use of technology.

I have a background in Construction, Healthcare and Education so have varied knowledge in different industries, which helps me work with my clients to achieve specific goals or overcome different challenges effecting their industry.

I interact with my customers from the beginning of their Journey with TSG, I am there to help the onboarding process and help shape the solution along with my colleagues, and to be an extension of my client within TSG.

Tell us a little bit about your professional work history and the most important things you learned about building strong partnerships with customers

I started my career in the Healthcare Industry which gave me my first introduction into the world of business. I decided that I had a particular interest in Business Strategy, and how those strategies can affect the outcomes of a company. I have also worked in the Education Sector and Construction sector which gave me the insight that all sectors have different needs in Business, and they all operate in a different way.

I studied a degree from home in Business Management (which was extremely difficult with two children under 2)

I quickly learned that I wanted to be a part of helping companies grow and develop strategy to reach their full potential. I started with TSG 7 months ago and it is everything I hoped it would be, building relationships internally and externally and helping different businesses in different industries reach their potential.

Partnerships in business are the most important aspect of any strategy, you need people who you can trust with your goals, that can help guide you in the right way for your business.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re logged off from work?

I have two boys that are football fanatics, so a lot of my time is spent freezing cold on the side of a pitch, but in the rare instance I get time to myself I like to rewind with a brain stimulating book in total silence.

I love watching my boys grow and enjoy the ups and downs of parenting alongside my husband.

My dog David is a huge part of our family life and enjoy countryside walks with the four of us.

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