Technology Talks: IT Security Epiosde 1: The Current Biggest Risks to IT Security

Technology Talks is back, and this time we’re talking IT Security.

In these five short and informal ‘chat show’ style videos (there’s a new episode every day this week) I ask our National Technical Director Paul Burns and our Chief Operating Officer Steve Cox what’s happening in the cyber-criminal world, what businesses need to be looking out for and how they can best protect themselves, and what kind of curve balls current trends like the ‘Internet of Things’ might be likely to throw up.

The news headlines of various corporations like Sony and Target being hit by massive data breaches might suggest that cyber criminals are only really going after the big guys.

Not true – an attack like that takes a long time to plan, and many of today’s hackers are targeting smaller businesses, whose security parameters might not be as robust, but the rewards are potentially a lot easier and quicker to gain. But how are they doing it? And what are they doing once they get inside?

In this first episode we cover the biggest risks to IT Security that businesses need to be aware of today:

Stay tuned tomorrow for our next episode will cover the security of the Cloud, and what the hacking industry looks like today.

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