Technology Talks: IT Security Episode 4 - Securing Mobile Devices, and the Potential Impact of the Internet of Things

When you’re using different mobile devices for everything, how do you make sure the data on those devices stays secure? This is my first question to Paul Burns and Steve Cox in this fourth episode of Technology Talks: IT Security.

I also ask them about passwords in the wake of alternative verification methods becoming available such as fingerprint sensors and facial recognition.

And finally, I ask what we are letting ourselves in for by connecting more and more things to the internet, in a trend that has (unfortunately) been dubbed the ‘Internet of Things’.

P.s one of them is about to buy an internet connected oven – can you guess who?

Stayed tuned tomorrow for our final episode in this series, where we will look at the importance of encryption, and what the guys see as the biggest IT Security threats we’ll be facing in the near future.

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