Technology Talks: The Tenure of Satya Nadella

It’s been a remarkable year for Microsoft – so what’s been the defining moment of Satya Nadella’s period as CEO?

Plus, both Paul and Steve are part of the Windows Insider Programme which gives real time insight into Windows 10, so they spill the beans on what they think are going to be its best features.

We round off by tackling the question, ‘Is Microsoft cool again?’

Catch the final episode of TSG’s Technology Talks on Windows 10 below. And if you’ve missed an episode, we’ve created a playlist on YouTube where you can watch the whole lot.

As I mention at the end of this video, if you’ve got any questions on Windows 10 that I failed to ask the guys, then please get in touch with me on Twitter @hazeburton and I’ll get an answer for you.

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