The countdown to Microsoft Inspire

So, the countdown to Microsoft Inspire has definitely begun, with flights booked, bags being packed and a very busy schedule planned from Sunday afternoon onwards.

By writing this blog I’m making a commitment to reporting back on a daily basis from the numerous keynotes and breakout sessions to be held in various locations around Washington DC.

A number of years ago, I wrote a whitepaper entitled ‘Wisdom, The Future and Microsoft’ which focused on the journey from data through to information, knowledge and ultimately wisdom.

According to systems theorist and professor of organisation change Russell Ackoff, the key is the link between understanding and connectedness (I’m not actually sure that’s in the dictionary but who cares?)

Microsoft has produced a number of videos over the years predicting its ‘productivity future vision’ and if you look back at the film from 2011, it certainly looks like they had a plan. That plan has pretty much come to fruition with the technologies that are available now in the shape of Office 365, Dynamics 365, Surface and more.

HoloLens and augmented reality with a real purpose was launched a couple of years ago but in reality, most business leaders are at least a few years away from understanding how this type of technology could fit into the way their businesses operate – let alone actually adopting and deploying.

With any luck, and maybe a wait in a long queue, I hope I’ll get to experience HoloLens first hand.

What else will be in store is certainly an intriguing prospect. Will there be a series of big announcements? Or will it be more about the inevitable and ongoing evolution of technology?

I’ll certainly do my best to bring you the spirit of Microsoft Inspire over the next few days.