TSG goes Back to the Future

Microsoft have recently drummed up their rhetoric about no longer being a software company – they are now a ‘services and devices’ business and this is their strategy going forwards as they continue to invest into their mobile hardware and operating systems.

A number of weeks ago Microsoft set their partners the challenge of coming up with an idea for a video which was our own interpretation of this transition.  It was made into a competition and the winning video would be widely used within Microsoft.

The brief was pretty open and we’re certainly not ones to shy away from a challenge.  We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to draw upon our creativity and come up with something a bit ‘off the wall’, and with a strong message underlining it all. 

Our inventive script took the main messages of Microsoft’s evolution – a seamless experience on any device, access to data from anywhere, cloud, and mobility – and put a humorous take on modern working lifestyles. 

Throw in a character from the Back to the Future films, a dig around the archives for some 1980s props, plus the superb acting skills from some amazing colleagues (Paul Ince and Jordan Wheat) who were up for not taking themselves too seriously, and we had our video.

I’m over the moon to say that Microsoft loved the concept and we were officially declared the winner of the competition!  I’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone who helped put it together.

Here’s the video – we hope you enjoy it half as much as we had fun making it!