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Episode 1: Mobility

September 2014

  • Creating a Secure Mobile Management System

The benefits of becoming more mobile as a business are vast, but how do you manage multiple devices securely? TSG's National Technical Director Paul Burns explains

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  • Keeping Your Company Data Secure: 4 Point Plan

  • Flexible Working

In this blog our telecoms expert Warren Free takes you through the technology side of things when considering flexible working for your employees

As a father myself, the option to operate from home in the same way as I would in the office is great.

If customers need to reach me, they don’t need to know my home telephone number. Calls go to my office number and I answer them using Lync over our secure VPN (Virtual Private Network), as they would as if I was actually in the office. Similarly, I can access email, CRM, Sharepoint, and all systems I need via my home broadband.

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