What is MPLS?

MPLS – multi protocol label switching – is a flexible and cost effective way to provide wide area network or WAN using telecommunications infrastructure to privately connect multiple locations and local area networks.

It allows businesses to benefit from ‘network convergence’ with voice and data combined into a single multi-service network, and in doing so migrate away from their ISDN legacy.

A trusted IP VPN solution

We work with our trusted partner Zen to deliver their IP VPN solution (Virtual Private Network) which guarantees the performance of your voice, multimedia and application traffic. And also ensure complete visibility and control of the performance of your business traffic across the network.

Different applications require different levels of service, so Zen’s IP VPN solution is built on next generation access (NGA) technology with traffic assigned to six Classes of Service. Each has its own priority level to ensure that business critical traffic such as voice or video conferencing is prioritised over less delay sensitive traffic such as email.

Impressive SLAs are in place against each level and Zen’s network reporting allows us to make informed decisions on your capacity requirements.

So, whether you are consolidating multi-site internet access or embarking on full convergence of your ICT environment, working with TSG to deliver a solution using MPLS Next Generation Network technology will give you the reassurance that your business critical traffic is flowing securely and reliably.