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Ground breaking technology from Datto

How important is your business data? 

In the event of a disaster, system failure or loss of business critical data Datto’s ground-breaking technology can have your business back up and running within seconds.

Datto offers an industry leading hybrid backup, DR and business continuity solution. Localised granular data backup and recovery is provided by an on premise appliance, with a secondary cloud backup for unrivalled peace of mind.

As a true business continuity solution, Datto’s focus is not only on securely backing up data but also on speed and simplicity of recovery with Instant Virtualisation. Contact us today for more information. 

TSG are a proud partner of Datto

Hybrid Cloud provides greater protection covering all eventualities, Inverse Chain Technology removes the risk of corrupt backups, and screen-shot Backup Verification provides peace of mind that backups are successful every time.

Business continuity involves thinking about the business at a higher level, and asks: how quickly can I get my business operating again in case of system failure?

Datto not only answers the question: is my data safe? It also ensures that you can retrieve it quickly in the event of a failure.

Read more in the whitepaper Backup vs. Business Continuity

  • 500GB to 30TB backup options
  • 1 year cloud retention with unlimited data capacity
  • 3 Year service plan with hardware warranty included
  • Backup monitored and protected with TSG SystemCare
  • AES 256 + SSL key-based encryption
  • Data de-duplication & compression

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist
Datto Disaster Recovery whitepaper

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