Disaster Recovery

Any interruption to an organisation’s ability to do business can have a negative impact on its long term prospects. It is not only major events that can affect business but minor incidents that can bring them to a costly halt also.

TSG will help your business be fully prepared. We’ve worked with organisations in a wide variety of industries to ensure that their business critical data is protected. By conducting a business risk assessment, we can design, test and implement a Disaster Recovery solution that will ensure your business is prepared should the worst happen. Our Disaster Recovery services include:

  • Risk Assessment & Continuity Planning
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • User Recovery Services
  • Data Centre, Systems, Network & Telephony Recovery
  • Off-Site Replication
  • Workplace Relocation
Business Continuity Webinar: Disaster Recovery and Backup
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 10:30
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Disaster Recovery whitepaper
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