Ideal for businesses needing consistently high connectivity speeds with minimal downtime, EFM (Ethernet First Mile) allows you to escape the limitations of traditional broadband services without the costs of fibre optic Ethernet leased lines.

TSG delivers industry leading technology in partnership with Zen, to deliver the solutions needed for transferring sensitive data quickly from site to site or over the Internet. EFM brings with it many benefits for businesses and is a key enabling technology for a whole range of business internet services such as e-commerce, Cloud computing and remote working.

Delivered through multiple copper pairs and supported by a business class Service Level Agreement (SLA) is supported by a business class Service Level Agreement (SLA), EFM is highly scalable, secure, reliable and ready for applications including VoIP (Voice over IP: when a voice call is transported over a data network) and Video Conferencing. It can be provided within 30 working days, half the time of a traditional Ethernet service, with guaranteed speed options from 1Mbps to 10Mbps symmetrical bandwidth.