A key factor in driving business success is having accurate and timely insights to drive critical decisions, and that’s why Excel reporting helps you export from Sage 200 and run detailed analysis in a familiar format.

A number of full reports are provided free with Sage 200 featuring multiple tabs and views.

These standard reports can be edited and re-saved to extend your library.

Alternatively, a number of additional reports are available as a one-off purchase or on a subscription basis or TSG experts can help you develop reports specific to your requirements.

How can Excel reporting for Sage 200 help your business;

  • Filter, format, pivot, slice and dice information from across your business and apply formulae to it
  • Bring critical data on customers, suppliers and stock to life
  • Compare performance across different areas of your business
  • Make data work for your business
  • Updates at the click of a button
  • Upload workbooks to Sage 200 once and run them time and again with refreshed data
  • Reports on nominal, customers, suppliers and stock ready to go and included out of the box
  • Buy, customise or develop specific reports to meet your business needs
  • Use PowerMap to visualise your data (if supported by your version of Excel)
  • Data and insight for improved control and business success

View Excel reporting for Sage 200 datasheet