Manage business data efficiently with Sage 200 Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a complete business analysis tool that comes as standard with Sage 200 on-premise, to provide a unified and integrated view of all your data.

Management dashboards offer a real-time snapshot and detailed reports linked to up to minute data are built on the latest version of Excel.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence can help you identify areas of low and high performance and trends across your business such as which customers are buying which products? Who was buying from you but isn’t anymore? Who are your worst paying customers? 

  • Mine data across every aspect of your business
  • Identify customer and product trends
  • Measure performance against different benchmarks
  • Reports based on the latest version of Microsoft Excel
  • Buying trends, by customer, customer type, month, quarter
  • As flexible and detailed as you need
  • Dynamic tables can be set up to contain the information and present it in the way you want
  • Analyse stock levels and predict future purchases and costings
  • Create standard reports that update periodically
  • Display information graphically
  • Develop your own reports to suite your needs
  • Easily share reports with colleagues
  • Build what-if scenarios to predict the impact of specific decisions

View the Sage 200 Business Intelligence datasheet