Sage 200 Manufacturing is a powerful module, specifically designed to help you keep tight control of your whole manufacturing operation.

It’s a comprehensive solution covering the entire production process from planning and order processing to materials and stock management and includes the following sub-modules - Bill of

Materials, Works Order Processing, Material Requirement Planning, Estimating, Capacity Planning, Shop Floor data capture and much more.

Tools and features in Sage 200 Manufacturing ensure transparency and control costs throughout the process from sales order to finished goods by providing immediate, up-to-date status of all production, including orders in-progress, finished or next in line.

Route cards, picking lists, operations cards and job sheets keep work moving and improve efficiency.

Tapping into the knowledge gained from hundreds of successful deployments, TSG experts will help you get the most from features that allow you to accurately control the demand planning process such as the Master Production Planning, Material Requirements Planning and Stock Projection Tools.

  • Sage 200 Manufacturing is deployed as a standard fully integrated part of the Sage 200 suite linking seamlessly with the Commercial and Financial modules.
  • Flexibility to set and control production from end to end in the way that best suits the size, sophistication and growth or your business
  • Bill of materials keeps track of costs, processes and products and can facilitate version control for any amendments
  • Prepare estimates for one off jobs or existing products
  • Prepare customer quotes that are easily converted to firm orders
  • Production planning starts by reading customer demand – i.e. customer orders – and ensures that they are met as efficiently as possible
  • Retain lean but sufficient stock levels
  • Works orders tracks jobs as they move through production
  • Record stock allocation and pick lists
  • Track batch and serial numbers
  • Monitor multiple locations
  • Shop floor data capture monitors and records the actual time spent on an operation to enable accurate costings and timings
  • Potential to reduce cost and delivery times, improve productivity by monitoring production processes and tracking components through the manufacturing cycle
  • Resource planning to maintain maximum productivity
  • Schedule work and materials
  • Accurately monitor & control costs

View the Sage 200 Manufacturing datasheet