If you and your team have enjoyed the benefits of Opera II for some time, we’d strongly recommend that you arrange for one of TSG’s experts to demonstrate the extensive advantages that Opera 3 can bring to your business. 

Opera 3 blends new and current technology, and with some of its powerful applications written in the widely used .NET technology, you’ll really notice the difference the many enhancements make to the way you work.

More of your essential reports can now be exported directly to Excel using Pegasus XRL, reducing the time taking to re-key data, improving accuracy and allowing you to manipulate data and focus on making better informed decisions. Increased flexibility is delivered through error correction and open period accounting features to make it simple to rectify mistakes in ledgers.

Its credit management function will help you to improve you cashflow and scheduler means that you can run key tasks out of hours, reducing the impact of data processing that can disrupt you and your team. Landed costs and stocktake tools provide greater control and accuracy, and VAT 100 Online filing ensures that you comply with the latest HMRC regulations using Opera Payroll.

This video shows one of the key benefits of Opera 3 - the Credit Management Centre is designed to improve your credit control processes which will help increase your cash flow, reduce bad debts and improve the financial position of your business.