Contraflow Ltd: A hosted telephony world!

The Company 

Over the past 30 years, Contraflow Ltd has grown and developed into one of the leading traffic management companies within the UK. With 4 locations and a renowned standing within the market, 
Contraflow provides its customers with the highest standard of service, of which its clients know and expect.

The Challenge

Contraflow experienced a number of common issues with its original VOIP solution (voice over internet protocol), such as crackling on the lines and poor connectivity.
As a result, Contraflow decided to seek a more sophisticated digital telephony system.

The Solution

Contraflow were already users of TSG’s IT support solution SystemCare, and turned to TSG as a trusted partner for advice on a suitable solution to its latest challenge.
TSG was able to provide Contraflow with the latest in digital telephony systems, ensuring a fast, effective and efficient service is in place in order for Contraflow Ltd to work to the best of its ability and maintain connections moving forward.
TSG’s digital telephony system was one of the many projects taken on board by Contraflow as it continues to progress with its business transformation.