Converged IP networking for International Airport

TSG implement converged IP networking for Newcastle International Airport

IT infrastructureNewcastle International Airport is one of the North East's greatest success stories. It brings wealth, jobs, new businesses – as well as new horizons to the region.


NIAL’s goal of achieving 10 million passengers per year meant that significant investment was required to bring the IT infrastructure up to a standard.


TSG had worked with NIAL in standardising to Microsoft software, meaning that proprietary protocols like IPX and NetBIOS had been removed. This pure IP environment provided an ideal platform for bringing disparate systems together onto the LAN. 


In upgrading the core network switches and cabling systems to UTP and Fibre optics, we ensured that multiple stand alone systems could be overlaid as new physical applications onto a single network. Policy based security with priority (QOS) and virtual LANs , securely enables Voice, CCTV, FIDs, Access control and multimedia to co-exist alongside critical applications like SAP without performance or reliability issues. Airfield systems too, use the fibre transit system, which was designed as part of the network and new Tower infrastructure, simplifying the complex needs of the Terminal and Airfield systems. 

"TSG offer us an exceptional level of service, they understand our business needs and as a result of the close relationship we have, provide us with excellent advice, and prompt onsite support"