Single Platform Telephony System for Hadfield Wood Recyclers

Name: Hadfield Wood Recyclers

Profile: Operating for over 38 years, Hadfield is one of the UK’s biggest and oldest handlers of wood waste for local authorities and companies worldwide.

Challenge: Hadfield had legacy telephony technology deployed across its UK sites. The addition of a new office was the catalyst for Hadfield to explore alternative telephony systems available which would provide a single platform across all UK offices.

TSG’s highly-skilled telephony team assisted in moving Hadfield’s dispersed technology connecting to the voice network via soon-to-be end of life technology to a single hosted platform.

This allows for efficiencies in call flows and a reduction in the intra-office call charges (to zero), all whilst providing enterprise DR capabilities that traditional phone systems couldn’t provide when hosted within the traditional office environment.

Solution: Gamma Horizon

Industry: Recovery of Materials