This white paper is a commentary on the GDPR, as Microsoft interprets it, as of the date of publication.
This video gives a brief overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how it can be used across all industries and business functions, including Sales, Marketing, Construction and more.
Based on Aberdeen Group’s Computer Intelligence Dataset, there are more than 1.6 billion permutations to choose from when it comes to cloud computing solutions.
The rate at which technology advances today is just phenomenal – and everything is getting bigger, better and faster every day to accommodate consumer demands.
Have you ever wondered what devastating effect of unscheduled downtime has on businesses? From ageing equipment to human error, business downtime could have lasting consequences.
Even with the best technical security measure in place to protect your business against cybercrime, sensitive information can still be accidentally or deliberately accessed. And by who? People.
In this video TSG's Office 365 expert Tony Hughes takes you through the basics of starting on Microsoft Teams, including creating a team and channels.
Check out a brief demo of how Sophos Phish Threat works and how it can educate workplaces about the latest phishing scams.
Sophos' Ransomware-specific anti-virus tool, Sophos Intercept X, is powered by CryptoGuard, which identifies Ransomware and prevents the encryption of your files.