In this video TSG's Office 365 expert Tony Hughes takes you through the basics of starting on Microsoft Teams, including creating a team and channels.
Check out a brief demo of how Sophos Phish Threat works and how it can educate workplaces about the latest phishing scams.
Sophos' Ransomware-specific anti-virus tool, Sophos Intercept X, is powered by CryptoGuard, which identifies Ransomware and prevents the encryption of your files.
This video gives a short introduction to Sophos' new Ransomware-specific anti-virus, Intercept X, and a demo.
This video contains a short demo showing how you can quickly configure firewall rules that cover multiple services, destinations and sources, country blocking and intrusion prevention (IPS).
This video contains a short demo of the Advanced Threat Protection features that are now more affordable than ever to businesses.
This video provides a quick demonstration of Sophos Unified Threat Management, including the flexible modular licensing, intuitive reusable network object definitions and the real-time dashboard.
Sophos' market-leading Synchronised Security provides a joined-up approach to IT security.
With Sophos Central, you can manage your entire organisation's security from a simple dashboard on your PC, tablet or mobile.
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