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Sage Payroll

Sage payroll software

Half of all UK businesses use Sage Payroll to pay their employees. If you’re not one of them, why not?

Payroll is essential for all businesses, whether you do it in-house or if you’re a company others outsource their payroll to. It’s also stringently regulated, so you need a compliant solution that allows you to get it right, first time.

Sage’s cloud-based software solutions eliminate the need for manual processes and systems, automating key processes to not only give you the gift of time, but to eliminate errors.

Why choose a Sage payroll management solution?

  • Convenience and productivity

    Straightforward set-up with the ability to manage your payroll on any device, anytime, anywhere

  • Automation features

    Automate some of your key payroll processes to eliminate errors and increase productivity

  • Affordability

    For small businesses, you only pay based on the number of employees you have

  • Compliance

    Sage works closely with HMRC to ensure all of its solutions are compliant with payroll and pension legislations

  • Accessibility

    Give your employees the freedom to access their payslips and submit timesheets online

Sage 50cloud Payroll

For organisations with up to 500 employees, Sage 50cloud Payroll brings all of these great features together and more

Why choose Sage 50cloud Payroll?

  • Get up-and-running quickly

    Instant download, straightforward installation and an easy set-up wizard to get you off the ground in no time

  • In-built compliance

    Sage 50cloud Payroll is HMRC-recognised and is compliant with the latest payroll and pension legislations

  • Employee self-service tools

    The solution comes with self-service tools which allow employees to access and update essential information

  • Automated pensions

    The Pensions Module allows you to manage this complex legislation by automatically assessing your workforce, automating comms and managing data and payments

Key features

  • Workplace pension scheme auto-enrolment for easy compliance

  • Automatically assess the pension status each time you do a pay run

  • Use anytime, anywhere thanks to cloud computing

  • Automated payments and deductions through a simple 4-step pay run

  • PAYE and NIC functionalities with single-click RTI submissions to HMRC

  • Easily amend a previous payment run, with adjustments automatically handled

  • Eliminate the need for special stationary with standard payslips, P60s and reports

  • Easy-to-use, meaning you don’t need to hire a dedicated payroll expert

  • Works with Sage Accounting – also HMRC-recognised and RTI-ready

  • Ability to record weekly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly and monthly pay runs

  • Available as part of the Sage Business Cloud